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Cogratulations to Sam, Roxx Reviews custom guitar pick winner who will be receiving 6 of the best.

In the right light I managed to get them to look Gold.

There were loads of great entries and it was extremely difficult to pick a winner, though some of the offers may have been on the strange side (funny) they were all great. Check out Roxx Reviews for the list of very excellent entries.

It was only fair that everyone who submitted a post to Roxx Reviews and gave their postal addresses to craig are receiving a sample pick too so everyone wins :-)

They are black in colour and sound Gold in any light.

Craigs Review at Roxx Reviews YouTube Channel

Roxx Reviews RJL Pick competition winner, Sam, has uploaded a review to his channel! Thank you Sam for the indepth analysis and tone comparison.

An excellent A/B pick comparison by Sam uploaded to his youtube channel. You can hear the difference Even on youtube