Competition has ended

Congratulations to Alex for running such an excellent and very well organised giveaway.

I'd personally also like to take this oppertunity to thank everyone who entered by following  on facebook and twitter :-)

There was  great support from artists and manufacturers in submitting excellent prizes too so be sure to check out their links below.

Article below taken from Guitar Trump website  

The International Guitar Month Giveaway Winner IS…


Well, the International Guitar Month Giveaway has come to a close…but April isn’t over yet! You still have about two weeks left to celebrate everything you’ve accomplished as a guitarist and those that have inspired you or taught you something about music. I find that it’s a great time to splurge on a trip to go see your favorite all-time band…or maybe it’s about time that you’ve bought that dream guitar. Whatever is you’ve been wanting to do, now is the time to do it!

Back to the giveaway: this has probably been the most exciting one we’ve had. The prizes are bigger and better than ever – we ended up with over 5000 entries in just two weeks! It was a lot of fun, and a HUGE thank you goes out to those who were apart of it: Cannoy Guitars, Keith Moody, Hedras Ramos, Two Circles Music Co., Jonas Tamas,, Jamz Guitar Straps,, RJL Guitars, the String Cleaner and Gravity Picks.

Of course, all good things must come to an end and (unfortunately) there can only be ONE winner! That winner is…

Contest is OVER

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  • Shaky Old Dog Tremolo Pedal by Cannoy Guitars
  • Year Full Access Membership to
  • Signed CD by Keith Moody
  • Signed CD by Two Circles Music Co.
  • Atoms And Space CD by Hedras Ramos
  • Timeless Hour (Full Digital Album) by Jonas Tamas
  • Digital Pack with TABs, Backing Tracks & Bonus Song by Jonas Tamas
  • Signed Poster by Hedras Ramos
  • Sticker + 10% off Discount Card at Halo Guitars
  • 100 Customized Guitar Picks by Clayton Custom
  • Guitar Trump T-Shirt
  • Jamz Originals Guitar Strap (Winner's Choice!)
  • GearPipe Guitar Pick Pack
  • RJL Guitars Pick Pack (Winner's Choice!)
  • Guitar Trump Pick Pack

And the winners are...

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Congratulations  go to Jeffrey Sawyer who shall be receiving a load of Heavy Jazz Jolly Roger round tips with complements from Guitar Trump and Myself :-) I just love sending my picks arround the globe. I suspect that there shall be some stellar jazz tones eminating from PA soon.

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Be sure to email us using this address BEFORE April 20th or a new winner is drawn.