The range is growing through customer demand and as well as adding new designs, an ultra heavy pick will be introduced to the puretone line although they can be custom ordered now.
These are normally available in medium and heavy thicknesses.

Picture By Neal from
The Big Pickture
At the moment there are five basic pick shapes though more will be added very soon to include several sizes of triangular and a very special unique shape coming soon.
I have developed my designs to incorporate machined internal features cut through them to achieve not only better grip but to change the way my picks flex and feel. The Jazz Jolly Roger below evolved from an X shape that formed a more flexible four finger centre I call its sweet spot. The skull and crossbones was modified to achieve this more flexible sweet spot with no sharp points. This effect is more noticable in medium thicknesses where stiffness of the pick can be increased with a little more grip pressure.